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CTR Developments - race car developers

We have extensive in-house machining capabilities including 3D Printing. We not only develop our own race cars,
but also have a number of clients across the UK who trust us to develop their engines and chassis.

CTR 01 Sports Prototype

sports prototype
CTR Developments in Cambridgeshire is proud to announce their new Sports Prototype Racecar; designed to comply with the FIA CN regulations and with initial cars competing in the prestigious Bute Motorsport Prototype Cup

The design has been handled completely in-house; thus giving customers an almost 'works feel' when they use their cars. The car sports an aluminium honeycomb chassis made to F1 standards, optimised suspension for both geometry and aero considerations, and front and rear roll hoops for increased safety. All tubing is lightweight T45 and, combined with the feather-light but immensely stiff chassis, the car comes up underweight for most championships.

We have used our unrivaled experience to produce a chassis/body combination with world class drag and down force figures. Many hundreds of hours have been spent with advanced computer simulation; producing not only a stunning looking car, but also one with amazing aerodynamic properties. CTR Developments will be running at least one car in 2016 so you can be sure it will be developed to be, and continue to be, a front-running car.  
Porsche engine reconditioning specialists in Huntingdon
Here at CTR Developments we have two chartered mechanical engineers. We provide precision design and prototype manufacture. We offer the right combination of experience, specialised equipment and services to take you through the entire manufacturing process – from design to finish. Our team of highly skilled individuals delivers exceptional value and service to our customers.
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