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A new range of oil coolers 
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To complement our ground-breaking and technologically advanced intercoolers, Cambridgeshire's CTR Developments is proud to announce our new range of oil coolers. These use the same technology as the intercoolers.
Again these can be made to any shape and size, or we can supply retro-fit coolers.

Enhance the capabilities of your oil cooler

Many people neglect to enhance the capabilities of their oil coolers. However, when running a highly modified car, maintaining the oil temperature is paramount to both performance and power! These coolers can be used on both turbo-charged and normally aspirated engines. 
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When cooling is marginal and space a luxury, without massive modification, the only real route open is to enhance the cooler itself.
For this very reason we developed these coolers; using them on our own bike-engined car and customers' cars. 

CTR Developments are also Porsche engine power increase specialists. Contact us today to find out more.
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If you want to enhance the capabilities of your oil cooler,
please call CTR Developments near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire today on
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